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Rig Hand Cocktail Class

Watch for our next class:

Rig Hand Distillery will be bringing in guest bartenders to share their  knowledge in a series of cocktail classes. Join us for our next class starting at 7pm on our next date, to learn how to make classic cocktails, there history and where they originate from, along with other mixology knowledge. Charcuterie and tapas will accompany the cocktails.

$50/person – limited seating.


Distilling 101 – The basics of spirits production –  Watch for our next date in 2023


Distilling 201 – 4 Day Work Shop – Watch for our next course date


Course Descriptions

The basics of spirits production

This introductory course will give the novice a basic understanding of the following processes:

  1. Mashing
  2. Fermentation
  3. Distillation
  4. Dilution & Flavouring

Participants will have classroom instruction and handouts outlining the key points to follow in each process for safety and successful spirits production.

The participants will learn the complete process for both a sugar-shine and a grain-based whisky recipe. Participants will learn to cook a sugar-shine recipe, pitch yeast, and distill this recipe. The resulting spirit will be proofed to 40% and flavourings can be added.

Participants will also learn to mash a malted barley recipe and pitch yeast to create a Scotch-style whisky.

Cost: $299 CAD + GST per person (Lunch will be provided.)

Stay tuned for the dates of the next available course.


Geoff Stewart & Mike Beile, will be conducting a comprehensive 4-day course covering basics of fermentation and distilling, craft production, classifications, infusions, filtering, licensing & regulations, safety, and fermentation and distilling techniques. Participants will gain hands-on experience on the production floor learning how to create unique, high quality distilled products.


Course Description

This course is a hands-on workshop where attendees will learn the principles of grain-spirit production in the classroom, and move to the distillery floor and participate in each of the processes: mashing, fermentation, and distillation of grain spirits.   

The course will be held onsite at Rig Hand Craft Distillery, where the class will participate in crafting a variety of distillates. The class will perform the actual mashing, and then distillation , including frequent tasting and monitoring of the incoming spirits to determine the cuts from heads to hearts, from hearts to tails, from tails to shut-off, and to basking in the glory of a successful distillation run.
We begin each phase of spirits production in the classroom learning the principles of each process, and then move to the floor to practice the processes in a real-life application of the principles.   

After taking this course, the attendee will have a detailed understanding of all the processes of grain spirit production, and will have participated in each of the processes, and will be prepared to make grain spirits on their own distillery floor.

Cost: $1,995.00 CAD + GST per person

Stay tuned for the dates of the next available course.

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