Our Spirits

Flavoured Vodkas

Alberta’s Parkland produces a bounty of various fruits and vegetables. We infuse our award winning 16 times plate distilled premium vodka with these ingredients to produce exceptional seasonal flavoured spirits including Saskatoon berry, sour cherry, blue berry, Rooisbos tea, cinnamon heart, lemon grass and plum vodkas.

Cream Liquor

Our Double Double is rum based and full of flavours.


Our Brum is made from Sugar Beet Molasses. The sugar beets are grown in the Taber and Lethbridge areas of Alberta.

Rig Hand White Dog Spirits

On our White Dog labels we have Charlie our distillery dog. She was just a pup and had some maturing to do but with some TLC and a little effort we know she will reach her full potential. The liquor in these bottles are very similar. These distillates have not been properly barrel aged but you can age it yourself in the bottle using the piece of toasted white oak we have provided on the bottle. The flavour and colour will change every 10 days, so leave it in until you like the taste.

We have Whisky aging in barrels but it still needs time aging, so until it’s ready have fun experimenting.


These corn spirits have a unique Alberta twist.