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sugar beet brum
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Made from sugar beet molasses. The sugar beets are grown in the Taber and Lethbridge areas of Alberta.


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Rig Hand Ghost Brum: This white brum is our sugar beet spirit straight off the still and proofed to 40% ABV. We believe in using only made in Alberta input products which is a problem when it comes to rum. By law, rum must be made from a sugar cane source. We do not grow sugar cane in Alberta, but we do grow tonnes of sugar beets, so we use them.

Our Ghost Brum tastes like a traditional white rum, but is sweeter. You won’t see this spirit coming but the abundant fruity notes with caramel and molasses undertones will give you a pleasant surprise.


1.14 L, 375 ml, 50 ml, 750 ml


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