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KIKAWINAW Sparkling Gin

Wildrose Gin infused into a natural blueberry tea, locally grown rosehips and organic natural flavours.

5% alc./vol. 355 ml  4 pack

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KIKAWINAW Sparkling Gin – kick-ah-win-ow

Some recipes are worth preserving.

Kikawinaw is the result of generations of traditional Indigenous plant knowledge. Starting with a base of our grandmother’s home-brewed tea, brewed from plants, herbs, and berries picked in the wild.

KIKAWINAW – Cree for Mother Nature – is a delightful beverage created to preserve the memory. The simple ingredients and thoughtful combinations are rooted in nature with your joy in mind. We invite you to experience our tradition.

We took all that goodness and added wildrose gin and bubbles to make this the perfect addition for those times when you just want to wind down and celebrate those special moments in life.

We know our grandmother would be honoured.

Serve cold, and invite your friends.


A portion of Kikawinaw proceeds goes to support the families of Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.


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