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3 year barrel aged whisky

40% alc/vol – 750 ml glass bottle


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There’s nothing lazy about the way we make Lazy B Corn Whisky. Our founder Geoff Stewart learned to make bourbon from his mentors at Stillwrights Distillery in Fairborn, Ohio. We make the corn whisky in this bottle using that same traditional recipe but instead of Ohio sweet corn, we us a faster growing variety suited to our Northern climate. Even though this type matures quicker, it still doesn’t ripen hard enough to pass through a combine. One of our farmers, Cory Jesperson, had the crazy idea to wait until the corn was frozen and combine it in the snow in November. He tried it and it worked! The result is this sweet sipping whisky. After all that work we think he deserves to be a little bit lazy and enjoy a couple ounces on ice and you do to. Cheers!


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