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August 21, 2024 6PM – 8PM

Join Monique for an authentic Indigenous Full Moon Event, including a guided meditation and drumming session.


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24 in stock

Monique Collins’ Drumming & Full Moon Event @ Rig Hand Craft Distillery

August 21, 2024 6PM – 8PM

Join Monique Collins’ Full Moon Event


Drumming Session with Monique

Session Times: 6:00PM
Meet downstairs for information and directions and we will go to Teepee together.
Place: Teepee

Our agenda will include:
• Smudging for all participants and information on etiquette for session

PRIOR to entering the space,
• Introductions and setting intention for Drumming Session and writing it
• Teachings on drumming practices,
• Birthing ceremony for drums and rattles or guided meditation for grounding
with drumming or rattles,
• Information on drumming and 4 sacred indigenous medicines,
• Drumming and intention for healing your body,
• Sharing of experience with group (voluntary) and messages provided,
• Journaling your experience after your drumming session.

What to bring with you:
• Open mind and respect for the drumming session,
• Blanket to sit on and to cover yourself,
• Pillow or meditation pillow, or chair if you have problems sitting/laying on
the ground for an hour,
• Journal and pen,
• Any crystals or stones you would like to add to your practice,
• Water bottle (with closed top on it),
• Cloth or eye pillow for meditation if you are laying down,
• Drum or rattle. You can even bring spoons or wood sticks.

Monique Collins’ Drumming & Moon Event

Moon Ceremony

Full Evening


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